School’s In

Rigor in the classroom. Click on the statement in green for an informative article on educational rigor written by Laurie Futterman in the Miami Herald on August, 11, 2015.

Rigor should not be confused with oppressive work load.  If you feel your child is overwhelmed with too much homework, speak up.  Talk to the teacher and be your student’s advocate.

Not all teachers or administrators fully understand how to implement rigor in a motivational way.  Plus our society’s innate laziness may initially counter it.  Self-discipline and delayed gratification are lost practices of our day.

I love what technology has to offer, but it too easily enables “dumb-ing down.” It’s not politically correct to bring up our weaknesses, ie. laziness, but we only fool ourselves by pretending they don’t exist.

While we embrace what technology has to offer, let us not forget to build a strong foundation with basic skills.  And may we remember to practice them often least they get lost while we push buttons.

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