Bilingual Story and Song Time

I have a 30 minute educational program for 4-6 year old children.  I teach/sing all of my songs and read “Rojo, the Baby Red Panda at the Zoo” with stuffed animals to them.

For 7-10 year old children I have a program focused on teaching students about red pandas and self-worth referring to “Rojo, the Baby Red Panda at the Zoo”.  No songs are sung during this program.  This program is ~30 minutes in length.

If interested in booking one or both of these programs for your school or church please contact Hope at

Just Sing

My motivation songs were inspired when I would feel frustrated with my daughter when she fussed or didn’t want to cooperate when she was 3 years old.  I opted to sing to her rather than to scream at her.  That was a better emotional choice for both of us.  Now I’ll just sing the first 3 words of one of these songs and I get that look from her that I better stop.  I do, but am assured that the rest of the song is playing in her head.