What Is Our Bad Behavior Teaching Our Kids

Click on What Is Our Bad Behavior Teaching Our Kids? to read a thought provoking article published March 20, 2015 in Parents Magazine.

A wise councilor once said that the best gift I could give to my daughter was to be emotionally healthy.   I completely agree with Zeman’s quoting of Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD’s, “insecurity is at the root” in this article.

Parents reproduce what they are.  If they, the parents, feel insecure and thus are easily offended and offend, most likely their kids will be too.    It starts with us, the parent.

Mom and Dad, consider buying Rojo, The Baby Red Panda at the Zoo for yourself and not just your kids.  Read Dr. Seuss’s, Oh The Places You Will Go,  Gertrude McFuzz, and others to yourself as you read along with your kids.  Isn’t the chance to learn what you didn’t growing up through your children one of the greatest privileges of parenting?  The greatest motivation you can give to your kids is to demonstrate that you aren’t perfect and need to learn too.

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