Autism Awareness Day

Feeling trapped in being completely misunderstood.  Struggling to fit in with the norm.  Acting out in frustrated emotion from the two.  And then the cycle starts all over.   Does this describe autism?

I wrote “Rojo, The Baby Red Panda at the Zoo” from observing how often those frustrated by whatever limits them,  behave in self-destructive ways that originate from pity party thinking.

Misinformation will lead others to think incorrectly about us.  Most of us don’t know that red pandas were named panda 40-50 years prior to the giant panda.  Most of us think pandas have to be big, black, and white.

Likewise, how much do we not know as a society about autism?  Do we miss out on how these humans contribute to our lives just as much as the rest of us who may not struggle with autism?

Be inspired as Rojo learns to reject the misinformed view kids have about her as she learns to embrace what God had in mind by creating her as a red panda instead of a giant panda.   Check out a copy today at your favorite online retailer.

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