Olympic Inspiration or Fantasy Dreams?

I don’t watch much television.  I’ve got too many issue with what is usually on, especially the commercials laced with sex appeal and feared induced violence.  Plus I have too many other things to do with my time.

But I do take time to watch the Olympics.  I love to hear how athletes have patiently perserved to overcome injuiries, illness, heartbrake, and other “you can’t do it” situtions to pursue their dreams.  But there’s a fine line.

How many of us sit there envisioning ourselves being right there in the same body as the winning athlete who conquers and wins the gold?  Sometimes my nine year old daughter jumps up and tries to participate.  It’s what kids do and should.  Fantasy play is for children! The irony moves in because too many adults these days crave it.  Look how popular fantasy football and other like hobbies have become.

Too many adults live their relationships out in fantasy world like adolescents do.  Are they modeling what they see in soap operas and movies or are they emotionally trapped in adolescents from childhood trauma?  Emotionally destructive relationships ensue.

Are we amusing ourselves to death? Whether television or technology can be blamed is up for debate.  But for me, what isn’t is the rampant childhood trauma.   One of the most devastating aspects of this is the ensuing emotional immaturity as these individuals age into adulthood.

According to divorce expert, Cathy Meyer,  childish expectations of marriage ranks as one of her top six reasons why divorce rates are so high.  Childish expectations or rather immature dreams don’t just sabotage our relationships with our bedroom partners.  They implement unreasonable expectations and pressure on our children to perform and be the next Olympic Champion.  They erode friendships as one takes another for granted.  They set one up for dissatisfaction in the work place.  The world is perceived as unfair. Self-pity describes the response one takes towards life’s normal down turns.  What a prescription for life time misery!

So as we watch the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil let us reflect on what kind of inspiration we are going to close the games out with.  May the hard work and dedication that these athletes modeled before us motivate us to put in the effort to grow up emotionally and take more responsibility for our own adult happiness.

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