Bilingual Children’s Songs By Hope

The Spanish Alphabet – Try singing to the tune of “Are you sleeping”.  The repeating theme is a great learning tool.  One needs to use “ch”. and to skip “ll” and “rr” to make it work.

*In the following YouTube video “X” should be pronounced differently than it was taught and sung here.

Counting to 20 –  Original music by Hope Mucklow with a different tune when switching to the English.  Designed to help children with 13-16 as these are the numbers youngsters get hung up with when learning to count to 20.

Days of the Month- Many are already teaching the months of the year in English to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”.  It works to sing it in Spanish too.  Just end with “Doce meses estan un ano.”

Days of the Week– Original music by Hope Mucklow.  No need to change the tune for the English portion.

One thought on “Bilingual Children’s Songs By Hope”

  1. Counting to 20 in English was written specifically to help children with “13-14-15-16”. The tune runs fairly quickly for all other numbers.

    The Spanish 20 song also goes slower for 11-20.

    The months of the year I’ve heard in English sung to “10 Little Indians”. You can sing it in Spanish too. Try it.

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