Mission Statement

RFTLL Respect. Forgive. Be Thankful. Listen and Learn

Respect.  Respect self, others, and authorities (even the ones you disagree with.)

Forgive.  As humans we all need to be forgiven for something (probably daily).  It also is one of the highest gifts we can bestow upon another.   However, it does not mean to forget and allow others to keep hurting us.

Be Thankful.  A grateful heart is a cheerful heart.  Expect and demand nothing.  But give thanks in all.

Listen and Learn: Put the phone down.  Focus.  Listen to who needs to be speaking.  And listen with a heart open to learn something new about the person, yourself, and situation.

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement”

    1. Dear Universidade de sao paulo. Good for you. Manage what source of information plays the least on your emotions. Likewise keep reading what’s being written and reported on. There are tremendous people still out there who report and write well without the manipulative intentions of too many today.

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